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What cog of the brain plays a inside role within control of body warmth, hunger, thirst, and emotion?

help!!What cog of the brain plays a inside role within control of body warmth, hunger, thirst, and emotion?
Hypothalamus, its the chunk that maintains homeostasis.
Emotion (I think) is mostly temporal lobes, oxygenation/bloodflow, and neurochemicals; I'm not sure more or less the rest.
The hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland thus mediating the stressed out and endocrine systems.
the mid-brain
the right one
Limbic system
hypothalamus of course...

What fragment of a blood oral exam report shows level of vitamin B12?

All of these words are so big and scientific and I can't digit out which one indicates vitamin b12 in the blood. What word should I looks for surrounded by the blood test report that indicated how much vitamin b12 is contained by the blood?What fragment of a blood oral exam report shows level of vitamin B12?
Vitamin B12, or cyanocobalamin, levels are not element of the usual testing. It's adjectives not to test specifically for that unless other things suggest pernicious anemia. That would be the skin with such surrogate marker as an elevated mean corpuscular volume (MCV), which is going to be found surrounded by the vicinity of the RBC count, Hgb and Hct on the CBC.
not sure, might be included within the MCV or mean corpuscular volume.
The word to look for is cyanocobalamin. This is not a routine experiment however and will only be tested and reported if requested by your doctor.
one object to ask for this test is if your CBE (complete blood examination) showed a macrocytic (or megaloblastic) anaemia (low red blood cell count beside enlarged red blood cells) this is one of the major cause, the other if Folate deficiency.
If your CBE is everyday, your doc is unlikely to ask for a B12 level as that would be a fritter away of time and money.
If the B12 was ordered it will right to be heard B12. We check them all of the time.

What other cause of longetivity are near as in good health as upturn of medicine?

What other cause of longetivity are near as in good health as upturn of medicine?
As you mentioned, better medical provision improves longevity within societies. Therefore, wealthier countries which can afford medicines and research tend to enjoy higher natural life expectancies.
Also, a healthy lifestyle contributes. For example, Japan have the highest life span expectancy in the world. This is put down to the fitting diet which in turn method they have a surprisingly low rate of heart disease for a developed country.
Awareness of better form, food etc.
Diet. Sleeping. Cutting down on overworking. Love. friendship, all hold a positive aspect on longer life.
Of course nearby are many other cause of longevity, we can name some of them: mediocre food, nice climate, social environment, adequate exercises, but none of them could replace the love and respect you could receive so as the one you could furnish other, this gives you the best object to live, to love yourself and find a beautiful aim to extend your time in this world. The seventh heaven you can put into your hearth is the best medication for longevity.

What mediction by looking at the pill what they are?

white oval pill whith GG A LINE THEN 101What mediction by looking at the pill what they are?
An OVAL TABLET WITH AN IMPRINT GG 101 is a muscle relaxant Methocarbamol 750 mg. However the tablet is not colored white.
It's Methocarbamol. It's used for relieving pains and strains and is used with physical analysis as a muscle relaxant.

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  • What medicine, [tylenol, advil, etc.] can label you vomit?

    And how many, sorry, this within an expirement and will only appear once, not on a regular basis.
    kthx :DWhat medicine, [tylenol, advil, etc.] can label you vomit?
    Please don't mess around near medications and clutch random doses. I know tylenol or these other over the counter meds might seem to be safe and at mundane doses they usually are but they can have severe effects when you capture to the toxic stage. Tylenol for instance can destroy your liver requiring you to catch a transplant and be put on immunosuppresants for the rest of your life.
    I've see too many individuals do too many stupid things and after deeply regret it, so please don't experiment on yourself.
    To answer your sound out, what can you get to spawn you vomit, to be used in covering of emergency...the answer would be syrup of ipecac.
    You don't need medication. Just stick your finger in the pay for of your throat, and go "AHHHH".
    Syrup of Ipecac is usually used to induce vomiting surrounded by emergency situations. Don't induce vomiting if acid or alkali be ingested; it will damage the esophagus.
    You can also drink red juice and sour milk. You'll bring the same response without the toxic vulnerability.
    just remember, if it burns on the approach down, it will burn on the way up... which finances you can not only despoil your esophogeus, but your lungs, oral mucosa's, uvula, and your naso and oro pharynx... hope you like man fed dinner through a tube within your stomach. because that is what will appear if you damage your snake pipe
    Acetaminophen (the US name) or paracetamol (the UK name), brand name Tylenol, doesn't produce gastrointestinal problems. Ibuprofen (name brands Motrin, Advil and others) does, as do similar drugs like naproxen (Aleve). And I'd recommend against your doing any experiments on your own. You could hurt somebody.

    What medical school specialize within endocrinology?

    What medical school specialize within endocrinology?
    Nobody specializes in medical arts school. We all seize pretty much the same rearing, except for a few clinical electives.
    Endocrinology is a subspecialty of internal medicine. You would enjoy to complete three years of internal medicine, and consequently do a fellowship in endocrinology.
    none. endocrinology is a pen you would study during your residency.
    Its not really medical schools you are looking for, but hospitals near internal medicine residencies and endocrinology fellowship that you complete after graduating medical academy.

    What vehicle i.m. injection??

    i have a gerovital h3 treatment , if it say i.m. injection, what that means?What vehicle i.m. injection??
    intra muscular
    Intramuscular. The application location depends on the medication. Some are given surrounded by the deltoid and some are given in the glutes. I am surprised you be given an injection without instructions from the doctor or a nurse. I would telephone call your doctor's office. Without proper technique, you can accidentally inject the medication into a blood vessel or hit a guts.
    That means the hypodermic goes into the muscle, not into a artery (i.v), and not just below the skin (s.q).
    I.M. hurts more than under the skin, but is like mad safer than I.V. Some drugs can only be I.M.
    (You can't a short time ago apply the liquid - you enjoy to inject it, usually into the muscle above your butt. If you don't know how to do this you should talk to your doctor. Don't newly wing it - you could get a severe infection if you don't know how to do injections properly).
    i.m. stands for intramuscular classification "in the muscle" to some extent than intravenous meaning "into the vein".
    It vehicle intramuscular injection - given into a large muscle usually deltoid or gluteus. By the bearing, GH3 is banned contained by the US
    intra muscular....the medication is to be injected into a muscle.
    Usually your butt, but sometimes the back of your arm (tricept) or your leg.
    Intramuscular - the best place is on your thigh, fund of your arm or butt
    intra muscular
    i just found out that while im near this med nurse during our clinicals hehehee